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JKAerotech supplies R/C plane kits made out of foam, that's why they call them "Foamies".  They are extremely durable as well as beginner friendly.  The quality of JKAerotech's "Foamies" makes learning to fly fun as well as very competitive with combat daredevils.  

They are 1/12 scale planes that are combat compliant.    Check out our trainers, they help teach the beginner how to fly without fear of total destruction when landings are less than perfect.   The JKAerotech planes will take abuse and after a little "tape" repairs will have you back in the air to fly another mission.

Make your next plane a JKAerotech flying "Foamie".




Don't forget to visit the "WHATS NEW" page to see what is coming soon.  I always try to have something in the works





It has been many years since JKAerotech has increased the price of the kits and shipping.  The higher gas prices and increased shipping costs has forced us to raise our prices (I know, I know....I hate it too)    The increase is minimal and still very affordable. 



NOTE: All Prices subject to change without notice. (Don't you just hate that?!?)

Our kits will get you into the air faster and keep you there longer than just about any other type of plane.  Our combat planes are excellent for learning to fly faster more maneuverable aircraft or use them for just plane crazy fun - of course they are designed for combat too.  Pilot your own WWII war bird to victory as you strafe ground targets (how close can you get to the ground before you flinch?) or take out your buddy in a screaming dive.  There's nothing like parading a couple fellow combatants streamers around the sky - one on each wing.  Brace yourself for the inevitable mid air - because you know it will happen, but it's OK - you have in your hot little fist a JKA foamie and more often than not - you will survive to fly again -- the other guy probably won't.


 Our T52 and Big "T" trainers have taught a couple thousand of you folks out there to fly, a fact we are very proud of.  So if you want to learn to fly, we have a very good reason to believe you can with one of our planes.  We try to make the learning process as painless as possible with kits that resist breaking and expert advice. 

We look forward to serving your R/C needs